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Tools at home: Choosing the right tool gift for a tool enthusiast

by JoAnn Asselin 11/30/2022

When it comes to buying presents, tools are typically a harder item to get, especially if your receiver is a pro at DIY projects. While it may seem like an impossible task outside of precision screwdrivers, drill bits and the humorous bottle opener, there are ways to get around the difficulty of choosing the best tool gifts.

How to choose great tool gifts

One of the more blatant options for choosing a great tool gift is to ask what the other person wants. However, for those who want to surprise the other person with a great set of tools, try observing their hobbies and their home.

Do they have ample DIY projects going or even completed? Have you had the chance to take a quick peek at their tool box? Maybe they’ve mentioned wanting to use some tight spaces in their home for a workshop instead of living space? Do they work primarily with wood or metal? Are most of their projects home improvement projects?

These are just a few of questions to run through your mind when you want to surprise someone with the great gift of tools.

When to go with power tools

If you’ve already exhausted the manual tools, it may be time to invest in a few power tools. A typical favorite is the power drill; however, there are other tools available within the same vein.

If your receiver is a huge fan of PVC projects and woodworking, a circular saw may do the trick. If they already own a drill and all the drill bits they could want, try offering them an impact driver if they fancy working with metal or, again, wood.

Other tool gift ideas

While tools present an excellent opportunity to add to your receiver’s repertoire, you may also want to consider tool accessories. These include tool belts, tool boxes, safety gear - such as goggles and gloves - and back up pieces for their current tool sets and power tools.

Regardless of your receiver’s inventory, you’re sure to find the perfect tool gift by starting with these tips.

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